Quotation Form Software for Linux - Free Symbols & Templates

Edraw quotation form software for Linux simplifies and streamlines the form creation with editable symbols and templates.

Introduction of Quotation Form Software for Linux

Edraw quotation form software makes it easy to create various beautiful quotation forms on Linux by offering abundant pre-made symbols and templates to drag & drop, allowing users to customize those elements to fit their own requirements and supporting importing & exporting common file formats to help users share conveniently. Effortless integration help reduce data entry and streamline your quote-to-order process too.

Quotation Form Software for Linux

System Requirements

Compatible with the most popular Linux distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Mint, Knoppix, RedHat, Gentoo and More.

Key Features of Linux Quotation Form Software

The reasons why Edraw quotation form software for Linux can stand out from so many form creators are it is so powerful and humanized. Following are part of detailed reasons.

Abundant Built-in Symbols for Quotation Form Design

Edraw quotation form software for Linux provides all the symbols users may need during the drawing process. Below pictures shows part of the symbols. And it is such a humanized program that it also prepares a set of drawing tool in advance for users who need to create their own symbols.

Form Symbols

Simple Steps to Create Quotation Form on Linux

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to create a quotation form on Linux.

  1. Click New on File menu, then choose Form and double click Quote Form icon under templates to start a blank drawing page.
  2. Open a Quotation Form Drawing Page

  3. Drag a table from left Form library and drop on the drawing page or navigate to Insert menu and click Table to insert a table .
  4. Drag or Insert Table

  5. Double click a cell to add content, then adjust table width and height to your needs.
  6. Add Contents

  7. Now it’s time to complete necessary company information. Drag and drop a header, company logo, address, and contact information from left library and customize them to fit your own situations.
  8. Complete Company Information

  9. Go to Page Layout and click Fit to Drawing to lay out the form. Then a professional quotation form is created successfully.
  10. Fit to Drawing

  11. Click Save on File tab to save the quotation form as the default .eddx format, or you can also select Export & Send under File to export the form to any formats that can be shared conveniently.
  12. Save or Export Quotation Form

Examples Created By Linux Quotation Forms Software

Following are three common types of quotation forms. All the forms are free to download and edit. Welcome to download and customize if any interest.

Quotation Form Example 1
Quotation Form Example 2
Quotation Form Example 3
Quotation Form Example 1
Quotation Form Example 2
Quotation Form Example 3

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