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LDAP, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, is an Internet standard protocol used by applications to access information in a directory. LDAP was designed at the University of Michigan. It was created as a way to minimize the implementation requirements on directory clients, and to simplify and encourage the use of directories among applications. As a protocol, LDAP does not define how programs work on either the client or server side. It defines the "language" used for client programs to talk to server and servers to servers, too.
LDAP is based on a client-server model. LDAP servers provide the directory service, and LDAP clients use the directory service to access entries and attributes.

LDAP Software

LDAP Maker

Edraw Network Diagram software enables network and system administrators to create, plan, and maintain their networks by providing a clear and detailed graphic representation of their Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) network structure. It provides a straightforward modern interface and a huge, smartly organized library of pre-made symbols, along with many examples and tutorials. Just drag and drop pre-drawn shapes and double click and set the data. To format the style, you can use Edraw's nice-looking pre-defined themes with one click, or you can customize through color, size and line setting. A nice and professional LDAP diagram could be done in just minutes.
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LDAP Symbols

Edraw LDAP network templates offer you many special shapes of LDAP objects, country, organization, organization unit, locality, alias, person, organizational person, residential person, organizational role, group of numbers, group of unique, dmd, application entity, generic object, directory connector, etc.

LDAP Symbols

LDAP Examples

A nice and vivid ldap template is meticulously created in vector format for your own use.

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