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Jacobson Use Case

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Posted by James Freeman | 03/02/2021

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Creating Jacobson use case diagram with free templates and examples. Jacobson use case diagram has never been easier.

Jacobson use case, as its name implies, is a model created by Ivar Hjalmar Jacobson, who is a Swedish computer scientist and software engineer. Jacobson use case consists of classes of use cases with use case instances. Jacobson recommends that use cases be used early in the life cycle to establish the requirements clearly.

Jacobson use cases are a powerful technique for the elicitation and documentation of blackbox functional requirements. Jacobson use cases help ensure that the correct system is developed by capturing the requirements from the user's point of view. Since they are written in natural language, Jacobson use cases are easy to understand and provide an excellent way for communicating with customers and users.

Jacobson Use Case Software

Jacobson Use Case Maker

With Jacobson Use Case template in Edraw, you can easily and quickly create a Jacobson Use Case diagram. Benefiting from the smart drawing pens, color schemes and rich pre-made symbols, drawing could be so fun and simple. The interface is straightforward and handy with many automated functions, such as grouping, resizing, align, distribute, etc., which greatly reduce the number of mouse clicks. Once you're done, the diagram could be printed and exported to different kinds of formats with just a single click.
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Jacobson Use Case Symbols

Edraw software offers you many special shapes and symbols used in the Jacobson use case, actor, use case, boundary, relationship, object types, dimensions, time, system border, operation, callback, message carrier, block, start symbol, state, message, signal, task, decision, destroy object, label, etc.

Jacobson Use Case Symbols

Jacobson Use Case Examples

Now we offer a Jacobson use case template, dedicated to saving your time and effort as well as promoting your design proficiency.

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