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Ishikawa Diagram Symbols

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Posted by James Freeman | 03/02/2021
Pre-drawn Ishikawa diagram symbols represent effect, fish frame, category, etc. These symbols help create accurate diagrams and documentation.

Edraw includes many specialized Ishikawa diagram shapes, including effect, fish frame, category, primary cause, secondary cause, main frame. It is quite convenient to use these shapes to diagram your own cause and effect diagram. You just need to drag and drop them on the canvas, connect and adjust them, with no need of drawing.

Ultimate Ishikawa Diagram Tutorial

Ishikawa Diagram Symbols

Ishikawa Diagram Shapes

Fishbone Diagram Symbols

Ishikawa diagram shapes like effect, fish frame, category, primary cause, secondary cause, main frame and more are available. Arrow shapes like bent arrow, flexible arrow, line arrow, double arc arrow and more are also available.

  1. To add a symbol, drag it from the library pane; connect it to its upper level (the connection points turn red when they are connected). You don't need to worry about the distance because Edraw has thoughtfully distributed connection points evenly.
  2. Fishbone Diagram
  3. The category shape has one yellow control point. Drag it to change the line length and direction.
  4. FishboneDiagram
  5. Thecauseshapesaredesignedwithtwoyellowcontrolpoints:oneforadjustinglinelengthandtheotherformovingline.Whenacertaincauseincludesmuchtext,youcandecreasethelinelengthsothatthediagramwon't look too cramped.
Fishbone Diagram

Fishbone Diagram Symbols 2

Chevron arrow is a V-shaped arrow.

Fishbone Diagram Symbols 3

Arrows show what's called "flow of control" in computer science. An arrow coming from one symbol and ending at another symbol signifies flow passes to the symbol the arrow points to.

Fishbone Diagram Symbols 4

Ellipse balloon is a balloon with ellipse shape.

Need fresh looking Ishikawa diagram symbols for your design? These Ishikawa diagram symbols are a cinch to pop in. And their crisp, fine detail will make spectacular, easy-to-understand diagrams and presentations to your customers.

Application of Ishikawa Diagram Symbols

Just drag and drop, copy and paste, and connect our symbols to make amazing Ishikawa diagrams. See some examples.

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