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Create an iPhone Address Book UI Wireframe

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
Create iPhone address book UI wireframe quickly from ready-made symbols. Easy iPhone UI wireframe helps you make excellent iphone mockups.

iPhone UI Wireframe Kit

Every time you start a new iPhone application project, a wireframe is always the first step. It can be a great time saver as it helps you put your ideas in action to see if they can work properly. Edraw provides an iPhone UI wireframe kit including the whole set of widget symbols. All the symbols are designed with vector format, available to change size, color and status. With these ready-made symbols, iPhone UI designers can quickly finish the wireframe to visualize their ideas, so that they can better communicate with and present to their clients using clear mockups.

From the iPhone UI wireframe kit, you can find all necessary iPhone UI prototyping icons such as status bar, navigation bar, tool bar, text box, button, on/off switch, app icon, text field, slider, key board, progress bar, voice message, etc. Some of the elements are designed with smart buttons and control handles, so that you can change the icon style automatically with a single click.

iPhone wireframe kit

Create an iPhone Address Book Wireframe from Ready-made Elements

With the help of pre-made symbols, creating an iPhone UI wireframe is just a piece of cake. Just find out the elements you are going to use from the symbol library, drag and drop them on the canvas, and fit them into the iPhone frame. The symbols are designed with proper width value so that they could perfectly suit the iPhone frame size. If you don't like the default gray color, you can select a shape and change its color from Fill button.

create iphone address book

How to Create iPhone UI Wireframe

Some Useful Tips

Use Smart Buttons

From the following picture you can see that some of the symbols has smart behaviors, and you can change its look quickly by the smart buttons.

Smart Symbols

Group and Ungroup Shapes

If you work with several shapes and have to rotate, flip, move, or resize all shapes at the same time, you must select these shapes every time. By using Group and Ungroup function you can operate those shapes quickly as a unit.

  1. To group several shapes, select all shapes you want to group, go to the Home tab, in the Arrange group, click Group.
  2. To ungroup shapes, go to the same Group button on the Home tab, and choose Ungroup.

Iphone UI Group Shapes

Align Objects

If you want to align several objects, an easy way is to use the quick Align button. Select all the shapes, go to Home tab, from the Arrange group, click Align button and choose one align option.

iPhone UI Align Shapes

Download a free trial and see first-hand how quickly and easily you can create great-looking iPhone UI wireframe.

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