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Pre-drawn Elements for Making Inventory List

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Posted by James Freeman | 03/03/2021
When creating inventory list, some elements are necessary such as company address, contact information, inventory table, and others. Edraw offers pre-made inventory list elements allowing users to modify on existing tables, so as to enhance the efficiency.

Inventory List Elements

Below are pre-defined inventory list elements in Edraw. With these customizable elements, you can dragging and dropping pre-made elements to design inventory list instead of drawing everything from scratch.

  1. Company Address and Contact Information Table
  2. Company Address and Contact Info

  3. Business Address
  4. Business Address

  5. Contact Information
  6. Contact Information

  7. Inventory Table
  8. Inventory Table

  9. Statistics
  10. Statistics

  11. Information Box
  12. Information Box

  13. Signature Line
  14. Signature Line


  17. Name and Title
  18. Name and Title

  19. Check Box
  20. Check Box

  21. Company Logo
  22. Company Logo

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