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Insert Vector Text

> Edraw Tip > Insert Vector Text
Posted by James Freeman | 03/03/2021
Vector text is more beautiful and attractive than general text. It can be used to highlight titles or other content.

Vector text is similar with Microsoft PowerPoint's Wordart. But vector text is more flexible with stronger adjustability. Follow these instructions to apply vector text.

Insert Vector Text

  • Click Insert tab.
  • Choose Vector Text in the Illustration group.
  • Insert Vector Text

  • Enter your text in the Add dialogue box.
  • Set text font size and style in the Font Setup group.
  • Check the text results in Preview window.
  • Press OK.
  • Add Vector Text

    Resize and Rotate Vector Text

    After vector text is inserted, it is attached with 9 control handles for changing its size. So, you can resize and rotate it conveniently without using Text Block Tool. Click on the vector text area to select the text. After selected, a green outline shows along with all the control points.

    Insert Vector Text

    Similar to other shapes, you can also change its line, fill and effect.


    Vector Text Application Examples

    Vector text can highlight your ideas and attract audience's attention. It can facilitate effective communication. For example, it can present some inspiring quotes in an attractive way.

    Quote from Audrey Hepburn
    Shakespeare Quote
    Notable Quote Image
    Audrey Quote
    Shakespeare Quote
    Notable Quote

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