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Information Visualizer: Make Interactive & Responsive Infographics

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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 11/26/2020
Use automatic all-in-one information visualizer to make amazing infographics. Make your data dance! Interactive visualizations upgrade your presentation to higher level. Responsiveness guarantees the experience for a wide audience.

The Best Quality Information Visualizer Ever

You may have got tons of information to share with your audience, but the audience may has little patience and very short attention span to listen to you or read your text information. How to solve this dilemma? Here is the answer: visualize your information through simple, interactive and easy to understand infographics. Edraw is a helpful information visualizer with a host of ready-made infographics. Firstly, have a look at its interface.

Information Visualizer

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Features of Edraw - An Automatic, All-in-one Information Visualizer

Link to Real-Time Data

Static data is stale data. You can connect live data sources to Edraw's infographics, charts and visualizations. It supports to insert hyperlink, attachment and note to bring your infographics to life. Real-time never goes out of style.

Responsive and Attractive Diagrams

As an automatic all-in-one information visualizer, Edraw can draw more than 100 kinds of diagrams. These diagrams are absolutely not ordinary ones for their aesthetic attractiveness and responsive capability. You can add various clipart or background to glorify your charts. Some shapes are attached with floating quick buttons so that they can react extremely fast according to your need, automatically. Many operations have been simplified as one click on the button.

Download & Embed

Take your work with you. Embed infographics and charts wherever you want them: upload them to your website, you can also download Edraw's infographic anytime on any platform. Since it supports varied formats including ppt, pdf and doc, your works will be extremely shareable.

Readily Available Templates and More than 6000 Symbols

Over 200 templates are available in vector format, well-prepared and ready-to-use. You can get started as fast as possible and finish your work as quick as lighting.

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Information Visualization Examples

Top Tips for Outstanding Infographics

  1. Information conveyance is the priority.
  2. Make it informative.
  3. Make it attractive.
  4. Make it intuitive.
  5. Ensure the accuracy.
  6. Make it characteristic.

Reviews About Our Information Visualizer

I was wondering what is the best alternate to Microsoft's Visio that you guys use for your projects. I'm interested in something that looks nice for presentations with non-technical upper management. Edraw is so excellent product if you're looking for a professional level product that's easy to use. It's easy to switch Visio to Edraw.-----Edward

I was looking for an easy-to-use alternative to Microsoft Visio for drawing, and a friend of mine recommended Edraw software. It is a very user-friendly software, and I have been using it since then.-----Joe

I think Edraw software is just a perfect Visio replacement, it is probably my favorite software.-----Tina

Edraw is a pretty sexy replacement to Visio for it takes smaller memory and shorter installation time.-----David

Information Visualization

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