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Free Vector People Infographic Templates

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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 12/04/2021
The quickest and easiest way to create people infographic is editing build-in people infographic templates.

Infographics help people communicate data and complex ideas in a visually engaging way and that’s why so many people infographics spring up.

Exquisitely-Designed People Infographic Templates

Here list some blank people infographic templates designed by Edraw infographic creator. Please feel free to download any of them and edit to simplify you drawing process.

Senior Citizen Life Infographic Template

This template vividly shows us the life if senior citizen life. They can dance, go for walk, walk the dog or do tai chi and so on.

People Infographics Template1

Retiree Life Infographic Template

Below picture depicts the common retiree life of people. Most retired people spend their time by reading newspapers or taking care their grandchildren.

People Infographics Template2

Daily Work Infographic Template

This template describes the daily work of a common worker. Go to work early and finish daily duties on time.

People Infographics Template3

Built-in Editable People Infographic Elements

There are a large quantity of people infographic elements in the libraries of Edraw infographic software and all of them are grouped into different categories for ready reference, such as people outline, people - business scene, professions, people activity pictogram, business people, baby and old people. All the elements are royalty free and easy to edit. And Edraw is keep creating new infographic elements to satisfy different needs of people.

People Infographic Elements

Edit Templates with Edraw Infographic Creator

Creating a new people infographic can be an effortless thing if you create based on editing a built-in templates. In this way, you just need to launch the infographic creator first, open a template you like and then start your edition. Drag some elements you like from left libraries to replace the existing ones, delete the current contents and type the information you are going to present, changing the current themes and background and rearrange the layout to match you topic best. Finally, a brand new and amazing people infographic is finished with several clicks. Welcome to download Edraw infographic creator and have a try!

Infographic Maker

Try this Easy Infographics Maker:

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