100+ Vector News Infographic Elements to Design Infographics Better

Abandunt vector news infographic elements gives you more ideas to design a great news inforgraohic.

Built-in News Infographic Elements

There are more than 100 vector news elements for infographic in Edraw Infographic software, simply choose the right one you need.

1. Callouts Elements

infographics news callouts elements

2. News Elements

news infographic elements

3. Maps Elements


Except fot those news elements, you can also find other types of infographic elements such as venn shapes, weather, tourism, fashion etc in this software.

Design Your Own News Infographic Elements

With the Drawing Tools such as Pencil Tool, Pen Tool, you can create beautiful elements as you prefer.

draw custom news symbols

Free download infographic software to try those free infographic news elements:

Infographic Software for Windows Mac Version Linux Version

An Example of News Infographic Graphics Application

Here is an example of news infographic elements application, it shows mobile phone user group of different countries in world through pictures, charts, and accurate data.

Newspaper Infographics

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Download Infographic Maker and Use 10000+ Elements!

Want to use the above news elements in your infographics? Download Edraw Infographic Maker! It includes a large variety of news shapes which are easy to modify. Design a wonderful infographic is just a few click away. Try it now!