Create Medical Infographics with Pre-made Elements

How to create great medical infographics? Is there a desktop program that I can make medical infographics out of built-in elements? The answer is to use Edraw - a powerful infographic maker coming with lots of resources.

An Easy Way to Build Medical Infographics

Create medical infographics to visualize complicated data. Edraw gives you an extensive set of options to make custom medical infographics. With it, you are allowed to drag and drop pre-made medical elements, modify the elements, insert own pictures, add text blocks, arrange your content and publish to PDF, PNG, BMP and JPEG formats. Creating infographics never becomes so easy.

medical infographic maker

Try this Easy Infographics Maker:

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Abundant Vector Medical Infographic Elements Available

We already put the most frequently used medical-related clip arts in the software. You can change the size, color or edit the shapes by moving the anchors.

medical infographic elements

Built-in Element are Editable

All built-in medical elements are editable. Like the test tubes below, you can change the size, color, liquid height, etc. Before you format a shape, you need to select it first. To select a sub-shape, click one more time on that part.

Edit Medical Symbols

Draw Custom Symbols

Don't like the pre-made elements? Never mind. The software includes drawing toolkit allowing you to draw any graphic you want. The drawing tools are much easier to use than CAD and PS. You can always turn to the dynamic help if questions occurred.

draw custom medical symbols

Medical Infographic Templates

Some medical infographic templates are provided here. They are free to download any time you need them.

More Infographic Design

Edraw featured tools and design elements allow users to design beautiful and compelling infographics fast and easily. It makes infographics design full of fun. Below are more infographics types included in the program.

Experience the Magic of Our Infographic Tool!

You will love the abundant design elements and templates in the software and will be amazed on how easy it works. Try it now!