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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/20/2021
These marketing infogrpahic templates will give you quick start and save your time! You can download and edit the marketing infographic templates with your own contents.

An infographic is a popular form of content marketing that can help you simplify a complicated subject or turn an otherwise boring subject into a captivating experience. And it is frequently applied in marketing. Marketing infographic is a highly graphical visualization tool to display marketing contents which can really grab your targeted audiences' attention and be easily understood and digested by them.

Editable Marketing Infographic Templates

Here list several marketing infographic templates created by Edraw infographic creator. Download the software, then you can feel free to download, edit, print and share any of templates if any interest. Such as customizing the colors and sizes of elements, rearranging the contents, even pick a new theme and background that match your topic best. After that, simply share your creation by exporting it to common formats and share with your friends and colleagues with a click.

Shopping Statistic Infographic Template

This template shows us the shopping statistics of women. It’s easy to know from this template that women spend their money on daily accessories such as sun glasses, lipstick, bags, nail polish, etc.

Marketing Infographics Template1

Market Report Infographic Template

Below visual market report infographic template tells us that online shopping has increased dramatically and shopping in physical stores has decreased a lot.

Marketing Infographics Template2

Weekend Place Infographic Template

This template introduces some weekend place people usually spend their time and supermarket is definitely a great place to go.

Marketing Infographics Template3

Built-in Marketing Infographic Symbols

There are a great deal of marketing infographic symbols in the left libraries of Edraw infographic creator. Just like below picture shows. And users can feel free to drag, drop and edit those symbols without drawing by themselves if they do not want to draw. And Edraw itself is keeping increasing more new infographic elements to satisfy customers.

Marketing Infographic Elements

Try this Easy-to-Use Infographics Maker:

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