Elements of Food Infographics - Free Download

Elements of food infographics vector are available for free download! Use them for your food infographic design and become a top designer.

As an Edraw Infographics user, you will have full access to more than a hundred high quality elements for food infographic. Infographics are the visual representation of information, using elements for the representation of information is a graphical way to help simplify complex solutions. Take a look at what elements this great infographic maker provides:

Infographic Food Elements

The following picture shows food infographic elements Edraw Infographic software offers. You can simply drag and drop the elements needed onto the canvas while drawing food infographics. It is super easy to apply them to any kinds of food infographics you need to create. In addition, in case you need other types of elements, go to the library box on the left of the canvas, you will find all elements you need. Even if you happen to fail to find the right element among the ready-made shapes, use the "Pen Tool" to draw the element yourself, it is very convinient.

Food Infographic Elements

Free download offline infographic software and use all food elements:

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Applications of Infographic Food Elements

The following are 3 great food infographics templates created by Edraw Infographics. They might give you some inspiration for your design. Download this infographic software now, and you can customize thses examples for free!

Example 1 for Food Infographic Example 2 for Food Infographic Example 3 for Food Infographic
Food Infographic for Healthy Diet Infographic for Food Nutrition Combination Infographic for Food Nutrition

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Download Infographic Maker and Use 10000+ Elements!

Want to use the above food elements in your infographics? Download Edraw Infographic Maker! It includes a large variety of food shapes which are easy to modify. Design a wonderful infographic is just a few click away. Try it now!