Massive Free Infographics Flag Elements

Numerous infographic flag elements in Edraw Infographic Software for you to free download and create infographics within minutes.

Built-in Infographic Flag Elements

The vector flag library in Edraw Infographic software contains more than 100 flag elements, they are all editable, you can change their size, color, etc even rotate them. This software also provides other types of infographic elements such as carnival , weather, tourism, halloween and so on for users.

Besides, you can also customize your own flag shapes as you desire.

flag infographic vector elements

Create Your Own Infographics Flag Elements

Except for rich built-in flag elements, Drawing Tools such as Pencil Tool, Pen Tool in this software enable you to make any infographics flag elements.

draw infographics flag elements

Simply free download this infographic software to get those free infographic flag elements:

Infographic Software for Windows Mac Version Linux Version

Why Edraw is the Best Choice to Create Infographic Flag Shapes

Top Features:
1. User-friendly.
2. Easy to edit built-in clip arts.
3. Supports automatic alignment and spacing. Easy to arrange the layout.
4. Customize symbols with embedded drawing tools.
5. Can insert local images.
6. Easy to choose a page size or set a personalized page size.
7. Various export options including HTML, PNG, JPEG, Visio, etc.
8. Various dynamic charts and graphs options.
9. Cloud collaboration Supported.

More Infographics Templatess

Following infographic templates are totally editable. You can use any of them to start and save your time.

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Download Infographic Maker and Use 10000+ Elements!

Want to use the above flag elements in your infographics? Download Edraw Infographic Maker! It includes a large variety of flag icons which are easy to modify. Design a wonderful infographic is just a few click away. Try it now!