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Vector Discount Label Elements for Infographic Design

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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/20/2021
Download vector and royalty-free discount labels and insert in your infographics instantly. The discount label elements are editable and can be saved as .svg format.

Discount labels are hot elements when designing infographics for marketing or for seasonal promotion. Use beautiful discount label elements to make your infographics more professional and visually pleasing.

Infographic Discount Label Elements

Choose from our discount label stock with preferred color and style. Get your favorite discount badges, christmas sale tags, price banners, and so on. All the the discount labels below are with vector nature. You can simply change the colors, lines, transparency and fonts.

infographics discount label elements

Free download infographic software and use all vector infographic elements:

Customize the Discount Labels to Your Liking

Select a discount label shape, you can apply new colors or change the size without losing clarity. You can also change the font color, font size and font types.

edit discount label

Draw New Discount Labels

Learn to draw vector discount labels with Pen tool in the software. With the drawing toolkit, you can create whatever discount label you want.

draw discount label

Application of Discount Label in Infographics

The Arrow-Down style discount label is quite popular to use.

apply discount label in infographics

You can use the discount label together with other elements. You can put it on the window of shopping mall, on the cart, or on the product.

infographics discount label application

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