Create Fruit Infographics with Pre-made Elements

Since fruit infographics can easily make complex fruit information interesting, digestible and appealing, how to create a professional and eye-catching fruit infographics quickly? Try Edraw Infographic definitely!

People in nowadays are bored with large texts with poor format. So when you want to convey the nutrition information of fruit to people, please give up the traditional long texts, but try fruit infographics!

fruit infographics

Try this Easy Infographics Maker:

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Drag-and-Drop Well-Designed Fruit Elements

All the fruit elements below picture shows are included in the library of Edraw Infographic.

fruit infographic elements

Edit Built-in Elements

Users can edit the pre-made fruit elements according to their own needs. All the infographic elements can be changed, such as changing the color, dimension, directions, ect. Just like below picture shows.

Edit Fruit Elements

Design New Elements

What if there is no element users like in the built-in libraries? Don’t worry. Just select a pencil or pen tool in toolkit to design the elements you like!

design new fruit elements

Top 5 Handy Features of Edraw Infographic

Fruit Infographic Maker Features

More Infographics Templates

Apart from fruit infographics, Edraw infographic software is also professional in drawing many other kinds of infographics, such as medical infographics, music infographics, technology infographic, fashion infographics, office infographics, animal infographics and so on. All the templates are free to download, edit and print!

Experience the Magic of Our Infographic Tool!

You will love the abundant design elements and templates in the software and will be amazed on how easy it works. Try it now!