Create Food Infographics with Pre-made Elements

Create awesome food infographics with vector food infographic elements. Easy to edit elements, insert charts, change colors, lay out elements and share results.

The Easiest Way to Create Food Infographics

Edraw allows you to customize food infographics in minutes using existing symbols and templates. It lets you drag and drop the graphics and edit to your liking. You are also allowed to add local images, insert charts and maps, use backgrounds and titles, and edit texts. You can configure an extensive set of options to make beautiful food infographics.

food infographic maker

Video Tutorial - How to Make Infographics with Edraw

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Various Vector Food Infographic Elements

You get access to a library of vector food clip arts like vegetables, fruit, meat, sweats, the tableware, etc. They are fully editable.

food infographic elements

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Why Use Edraw For Making Food Infographics

Edit Built-in Clip Arts

It's easy to edit the food infographic design clip arts from the pre-defined library. You can re-color, resize, and rotate the elements based on your needs.

Change color for food infographics

Draw New Elements

Unlike other infographic tools which are limited to the built-in shapes, Edraw also allows users to draw custom symbols when they have special requirements. With the embedded drawing toolkit, users can design any graphic they like at any time.

draw custom symbols

Food Infographic Templates

There are plenty of infographic examples right in the software. They can be used as quick starting templates. Every single element, such as the chart, food graphic, title, background, or content, can be modified.

Food Element Infographics

Food Distribution Infographic

More Food Infographics

Find more food infographics in the software or create your own and upload on our website to benefit more users. Here are some more food infographics to look and use.

Other Infographic Design

Besides food infographics, Edraw is also capable for business infographics, medical infographics, transportation infographics, education infographics and more.

You Will Love This Infographic Tool!

Enjoy creating Infographics with this user-friendly software. You'll be surprised by its abundant design elements and templates, amazed on how easy it works, and satisfied with the service and price. Try it now!