How to Export Infographics to PDF

Edraw Infographic Software's export capabilities enable you to export infographics to PDF format for sharing with colleagues.

Edraw Infographic Software allows you to share your infographics between different computers with different operating systems using its export capabilities. You can get clear infographics in pdf format and avoid any problems while communicating it with colleagues.

An easy way to export infographics to PDF format will be introduced in this tutorial.

Easy Way to Export Infographics to PDF

One: launch Edraw Infographic Software.

Two: go to File > Open to open an infographic you recently created.

Infographics to html

3. Hit Export & Send, select PDF, PS, EPS > PDF Vector Format.

Export Infographics to pdf

4. Browse your computer to choose a location to save your exported infographic pdf file. Following is an exported pdf example.

exported html infographic

Reasons to Choose This Infographics to PDF Converter Tool

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