Create Environment Infographics with Built-in Elements

Drag and drop built-in clip arts and graphics to create environment infographics. Build good-looking infographics for environment in minutes and share on posts and websites.

Obtain a large number of Environment Infographic Elements

Creating environment infographics can be incredibly easy using pre-made design elements. Various vector environment clip arts give you great convenience in making creative infographics about environment. They are in vector graphic formats so you can modify the size and color to fit your design theme. Besides the environment elements, it also provides other basic drawing elements, such as arraws, callouts, basic shapes, icons, titles, backgrounds, etc.

environment infographic elements


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Make Environment Infographics Easily with the "Drag-and-Drop" Software

No other way to make infographics is easier than "drag-and-drop". With Edraw infographic software, you will work on an simple and straightforward interface (refer to the screenshot below), and gain lots of practical functions such as automatic alignment and spacing, quick colors, layers, tables, hyperlink, themes, etc.

environment infographic maker

Download this terrific infographic software:

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Edit Built-in Clip Arts

All built-in environment clip arts are editable. You can apply new colors, resize the element, or remove some part of the element.

Edit Environment Symbols

Draw New Symbols

You are not limited on the existing graphics. You can always create new ones when there is a need. With our embedded drawing toolkit, drawing new clip arts is very easy. It doesn't require much learning curve as CAD.

draw custom environment symbols

Insert Local Pictures

You can insert local images to your infographics. Simply go to the Insert tab, and click the Insert Picture From File button.

insert picture

Environment Infographic Templates

There are plenty of infographic examples right in the software. They all can be used as quick starting templates.

Protect Earth Infographic

City Pollution Infographic

More Environment Infographics

When designing environment infographics, starting with existing templates will save you a lot of time. Here are two more environment infographics available to download.

Design More Infographics

Besides Environment, Edraw also includes other infographic libraries like business, education, sport, music, etc. Create and publish beautiful infographics and engage viewers with the minimum time loss.

You Will Love This Infographic Tool!

Enjoy creating Infographics with this user-friendly software. You'll be surprised by its abundant design elements and templates, amazed on how easy it works, and satisfied with the service and price. Try it now!