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Create Vector Infographic Element Easier than Adobe Illustrator

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 04/22/2021
Learn a new way to create vector infographic elements which is much easier than using Adobe Illustrator. Spending several minutes to get this awesome skill will save you tons of time in the future.

When comes to design vector element for infographic, the first tool appears in our mind is the Adobe Illustrator. However, a lot of people are seeking an alternative because illustrator is a bit heavy to use. Today I'm going to introduce you a brand new way to draw infographic elements. It's packed with time-saving tools that let your draw new elements and icons with fast speed and minimal learning curve.

This tool is called EdrawInfographic.It's a professional infographic maker and infographic element designer. Let's get started and draw an apple.

Step 1: Open the Program and Find the Drawing Tools

First let's get familiar with the tools. All the drawing tools are located in the symbol tab. You can see Pencil tool, Pen tool, anchor tools, quick shape tools and the Boolean operation tools.

Open Program to Draw Infographic Element

Step 2: Draw a Circle

Start to draw the apple. First, let's draw a circle using the oval tool. Press the Shift key to make it circle.

Draw a Circle

Step 3: Draw the Apple Stalk Path Using Pen Tool

Draw the path of the apple stalk using the Pen tool. It might not look perfect first. Don't worry, we can fine tune it later.

Draw an Apple Stalk

Step 4: Adjust the Path Using Anchor Tools

Let's adjust the path by moving anchors. To make it accurate, you can zoom it the page first by pressing cotrol key and scrolling the mouse wheel. Then you can move the anchors to position.

Adjust the Path

Step 5: Draw a Leaf

Follow the steps above and draw a leaf.

Draw a Leaf

Step 6: Fill Each Shape with Color

Open the color palette, choose a color for each shape.

Fill Color for Apple Element

Step 7: Add Highlight Points

Add highlight parts of the shape.

Add Highlight Parts

Step 8: Group the Shapes

When finish, group all the seperate shapes together, to become a whole shape.

Group the Shape

Step 9: Finish the Shape

Now it's finished. You can continue to add contents or other shapes to design the infographic.

Finish the Element

If you think this is not simple enough, let's see some awesome attributes it has which beat Adobe Illustrator. The most convenient part of this program is that it already includes 10000+ vectorinfographicelements,whichmeansyoudon't have to draw everything on your own! It has infographic elements for business, food, medical, environment, building, animal, lines, titles, backgrounds, arrows, callouts, icons, and more. All these elements are ready to use. Simple select one and drag it on the canvas. Below shows some of the infographic elements in its built-in libraries.

Basic Design Elements

Basic Infographic Shapes

Arrow Elements

Infographic Arrow Elements

Infographic Icons

Infographic Icons

Infographic Charts

Infographic Charts

Easy to Use

Below the picture shows how easy to use the elements. Simple drag them out on the canvas. And you can further edit them if you want.

Use Pre-made Elements

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Download Awesome Infographic Maker!

Download this awesome infographic maker now and take advantage of all the 10000+ elements, and even more! We will keep updating more elements that users need.