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Top Three Common Infographics Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/20/2021
Here is a brief summary of how to avoid top three common infographics create mistakes and design great content infographics.

Part One: Top Three Common Infographics Design Mistakes

1) Mistake One: inaccurate information.

One of the most unforgivable things you can do is create an infographic that give the wrong or inaccurate information.

2) Mistake Two: distracting or boring people to sleep.

The most common mistake our designers see is poor organization. Often, this means that your infographics content is too boring.

3) Mistake Three: your infographic has too much text.

If an informative infographic is too wordy, it will make audience focus on the text rather than the visuals.

Part Two: How to Avoid Common Mistakes for Infographic Design

1) Solution One: make your message accurate and believable.

Accurate date, customer quotes, testimonials, expert support, appropriate images can make your messages persuasive. Please do some research and make accuracy a priority when you create an infographic.

iaccurate tourism infographic

2) Solution Two: come up with a killer heading

Good header involves with nice font, arrangement, background, embellishments, headline writing and so on. The general rule for header design is to make the header attractive enough while keep the color or theme as consistent as possible.

killer heading infographic

3) Solution Three: keep your text as tight and simple as possible

You need to keep your text as tight and simple as possible.

simple and attracting Infographics

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