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Posted by Allison Lynch | 04/16/2021
Our new version is coming soon with lots of specified shapes and templates of infographics. Have a preview of these amazing infographic examples in this page. With it, you can create infographics more easily from ready-made templates.

Create Marvelous Infographics from Templates

Edraw Max 8.0 will be published soon. It includes a comprehensive solution for creating infographics. It will enable users to create various types of infographics about different topics.

Infographic Types

Preview of Infographic Templates

Our professional design team has elaborately prepared a bunch of amazing infographic templates. They are grouped based on topics. Each include vector infographic shapes and smart charts and diagrams. Users can input data easily by clicking on the floating button. There is no need to redraw the shape since they can adjust themselves automatically.

Music Infographic Template

Infographic Template

Special music shapes are included in this template such as piano, Violin and dancers. You can use it to show sales report of instruments. It can also help you report people's preference of instruments.

Business Infographic Template

Infographic Template

This is a well designed business infographic. It is neat and nice-looking. With smart pie charts and column charts in it, it is a perfect graphical way to present business data.

Environment Infographic Template

Infographic Template

Use the above environment infographic template to show statistics. It helps to raise public awareness of environmental protection. Visual infographic can be more attractive and digestible.

Technology Infographic Template

Infographic Template

Technology is an indispensable part of people's daily life. This is a vivid technology infographic template with high resolution technology clip art.

Tourism Infographic Template

Infographic Template

With representative clipart like Leaning Tower, Triumphal Arch and Burj Al Arab Hotel, this is a perfect tourism infographic template. With Edraw Max 8.0, you will be able to create tourism infographics instantly from templates like the above one.

Food Infographic Template

Infographic Template

Food infographic templates are also quite popular. Our new version of diagramming software offers you more food templates with a set of special food shapes.

Presented above are only a small portion of our new infographic templates. Be sure to view more in our new version. You can have a look at some other newly added templates and examples of EdrawMax by clicking the following links.

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