How to Make a Genogram on Mac

Draw members and connect them with each other

The Definition of Genogram

According to Wikipedia (n.d.), a genogram is a display of people's family relationships, medical history, and interactions between family members. What is Genogram? (2020) mentioned that genograms include a bunch of diversity of information on the families represented. Winifred, Jack, Melville, and Rosen stated that "The genogram is presented as a technique to record both genetic and interpersonal family-household data" (n.d.).

The Purpose of Genogram

When we talk about the purpose of the genogram, eight aspects are included: Genealogy, Medicine, Sociology, Social work, Family therapy, Religion, Research, Education. In the Genealogy area, a genogram is usually to record a family's history through the people who live.

In the Medicine area, medical genograms provide useful pieces of information to evaluate one's health situation.

In the Family therapy area, "genograms usually help people study and record the relationship patterns between family members and the individual characteristics that make up these patterns that occur" (Wikipedia, n.d.).

In the Sociology area, genograms usually tell people about their marital and family relationships, the culture of origin, etc.

In the Research area, researchers can use genograms to identify multi-generational activities within a variety of plant and animal species.

In the Education area, the teacher can use genograms to help students pay attention to specific details (Wikipedia, n.d.).

All in all, there is a bunch of purpose of a genogram. You will use a genogram anywhere; thus, how to create a perfect genogram? You can use EdrawMax to do your work, and you also can log in Edraw website to search for the information you are looking for.

Commonly-Used Symbols of Genograms


male and female

Look at the picture, we can tell the male is using squares, and the female uses a circle to represent. Sometimes some family will put their pet in their family genogram and use the rhombus to represent it. For detailed information, you can log in to the Edraw website or download EdrawMax, and there have many symbols in detail.



Source: genopro

There are three different types of links between children and parents, which represent biological children, adopted children, and foster children.

Emotional Relationships

What is an emotional relationship? It is a line that connects two people symbols illustrated the emotional relationships of the family genogram. The picture explains all different emotional relationships and tells you how to draw it.

Emotional Relationships

Source: genopro


When you see an "X" in the person's symbol, it means that the person has passed away. You can also add age and year of birth around the symbol to tell people the exact year of that person’s age or death information.


How to Make a Genogram on a Mac?

You may know how to make a genogram on Word or PowerPoint but have no idea how to make a genogram on your Mac.

Firstly, you have to gather your genogram information that you will use and open your painting application on your Mac. Secondly, click the INSERT tab, choose the SHAPES button, and select a shape to make your genogram. You can draw a circle and square first to represent mom and dad. Then add the symbols of children.


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How to Make a Genogram Easily

Download EdrawMax from and install the Mac version in your computer. There have many symbols to offer creators to use, and it is easy to create and easy to revise.

open EdrawMax

Select the science and education part, and you will see the "Genogram," click it, and you can see that some genogram templates are on the page. If you do not want the template that we provide for you, you can open a new page.

use symbols

Select the symbols from the left side, and make connections with symbols. Do not forget to add or change the color that you want to express some information to the readers.

make genogram in EdrawMax

There are some tips for you that help you to make a better genogram while using EdrawMax. The first tip is the male symbols will be displayed at the left of the family genogram, and the female symbols are usually displayed at the right of the family genogram. The second one is that the oldest child is always at the left of his family; the youngest child is at the diagram's right side.

It is easy to create a genogram on your Mac. If you have any questions, please log into the Edraw website to have a look. There are at least 280 or so types of templates for users to consult.

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