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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019

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Creating histogram with free templates and examples. Histogram design has never been easier.


A histogram is a statistical graph that represents the frequency of values of a quantity by vertical rectangles of varying heights and widths. The width of the rectangles is in proportion to the class interval under consideration, and their areas represent the relative frequency of the phenomenon in question.

Histogram Software

Certificate Software

An excellent histogram software is provided to help users make visually attractive histograms with characteristic design and layout. It provides tools for vector drawing and for designing, editing as well as creation. Simply open a ready-made template, fill your content and images, change the theme and export it to PS, EPS or PDF format. This software has been designed to be intuitive in use for beginners and advanced enough even for professionals.
How to Create Histogram
Editable Histogram Templates

Histogram Example

Consumption Histogram

Editable, printable and sharable, this histogram example is provided to benefit more users. Learn how to use histogram to analyze data.

Histogram VS. Bar Chart

Bar Chart Creator

Create Bar Chart in the Fastest Way

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