Grouping and Copying Shapes

You can group shapes so that they function as a unit.

About Grouped Shapes

It's useful to group shapes if you regularly use them together. For example, if you create a logo for your company that is composed of several separate shapes, grouping the shapes lets you treat them as one shape and add that grouped shape to other drawings. You can group any combination of Edraw shapes, shapes you draw yourself, other groups and objects from other programs.

network diagram

Some Edraw shapes such as this tablet computer are already groups - sets of shapes grouped to form a single shape.

You can manipulate THE entire group or individual shapes within groups. (Manipulating includes resizing, formatting, moving, rotating, flipping, grouping, deleting and copying.)

Group/Ungroup Shapes

To group shapes:

  1. Select the shapes you want to group.
  2. On the Home tab, in the Arrange group, point to Group, and then click Group (Ctrl+Shift+G).

To ungroup shapes:

  1. Select the group. On the Home Tab, in the Arrange group, point to Group, and then click Ungroup (Ctrl+Shift+U).

Select Shapes in a Group

To select a group, click one of the shapes in the group. The group's rectangular border appears. Then click any shape inside the group to select that shape.


The sub shapes and group shape will be selected in order when you click the shapes in the group.

You can press Ctrl to select multiple shapes in groups.

Read also Selecting a Shape or Multiple Shapes.

Copy a Shape

To copy a shape:

  1. Click to select the shape.
  2. Hold down the Ctrl key and drag to place the copy where you want it.
  3. Release the mouse button.

Or click the Copy button in the HOME menu.

edraw max


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