Windows Graphics Foundation Process Flowchart

Windows Graphics Foundation Process Flowchart, With the Style Panel to change the shape color easily

Windows Graphics Foundation 2.0

  1. Geometry shader stage
  2. "Sees" entire primitive (3 vertices of triangle)
  3. Can have adjacent vertices, too (6 vertices total)
  4. Limited amplification
  5. Extrude edges, expand points, generate shells
  6. Per-primitive processing
  7. Generate extra per-primitive constant data for pixel shaders
  8. Constant colors, normals, etc
  9. Compute plane equations, barycentric parameters, etc.
  10. Combine with stream output or arrayed resources
  11. Render to cube map
  12. Render multiple shadow maps

Windows Graphics Foundation

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With the Style Panel to change the shape color easily.

In Edraw, shape formatting is also called shape style, shape styles include the following settings:

  1. Line fill, pattern, cap, weight, color, and transparency.
  2. Fill color, pattern, and transparency.
  3. Shadow fill, color, pattern, and transparency.

Note: Style does not include Text formatting.

Style is the best way to format shapes. By just one click, a couple of new format settings will be applied on the shapes selected. You can modify the style to change the shapes' formatting or the default formatting. You can also create your own styles or keep the style you like permanently. Styles are listed in two tables:

  1. Style in use: The list of the different styles used in the page including the default style for the new shapes.
  2. Predefined Style: Edraw provides many beautiful and applied styles, which help you formatting shapes quickly. Also you can modify the predefined style or create your own style.

For more details, please visit How to Use the Style.

With the Style Panel to change the shape color easily


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