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Tree Charts - Learn Geography Interestingly

> Edraw Example > Tree Charts - Learn Geography Interestingly
Posted by James Freeman | 04/20/2021
A fun way to teach or learn geography: use interesting tree charts. They are great tools in geography class to make students' faces light up and get them involved.

Teaching geography is critical if students are going to understand the challenges and opportunities of our complex world. To boost students' interest and motivation, here is an effective solution: use some colorful and informative tree charts.

You can gain some ready-made tree charts created by EdrawMax, which are all perfectly distributed and nice-looking. You can also draw your own stunning tree charts effortlessly in Edraw. Take a look at some examples firstly.

Tree Chart Examples on Geography

Tree Chart Example 1: Geographical Processes

Geography Tree Diagram

This one is about the relationship between geographical processes and landform. Download it at once for geography learning. You can also edit it such as change the connector style, add fill to the shapes, or change the color of text.

Tree Chart Example 2: Sun's Effect on the Earth

Geography Tree Chart

The sun's effect on the earth is presented in this tree chart neatly, beautifully and clearly. Students will be more involved and interested in the classes with striking infographics.

Tree Chart Example 3: Migration of People

Population Migration Tree Chart

The above tree chart focuses on migration of people. It is laid out from left to right. You can also display it from top to down. Each branch's arrangement can be edited separately.

As you can see from the above examples, the connecting lines are in different styles. Edraw supports to change the connectors at one click, including straight, curved and angled styles. We highly recommend these resources! You can try to change it now by downloading the examples.

Connection Style Layout Style

Use Automatic Software to Create Tree Charts

Tree Chart Maker

EdrawMax team is dedicated to serving users with the best easy-to-use software and extensive resources, including thousands of symbols and hundreds of templates. They are all perfectly aligned and spaced. Printable and editable, they can be easily modified to present other topics about geography. What is more, you can gain many vector maps for free. Pretty cool!

Tips to Teach or Learn Geography

  1. Organize some activities to involve students rather than keep talking to them unilaterally.
  2. Use various teaching/learning materials including BBC class clips, PowerPoint slides, flashcards and so on.
  3. Take advantage of visualization solutions. Beside tree charts on this page, students can also benefit a lot from mind map, flowcharts, visual worksheets and so on.
  4. Play some fun web-based learning games during independent learning. Learning and playing can be combined perfectly.

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