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Posted by James Freeman | 07/01/2021

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Creating geo map with free templates and examples. Geo map has never been easier.

A geo map is also called a geologic map or geological map. Geo maps are used to show geological features of a region, a country, or a continent, etc. Geo maps use colors to designate values associated with each of the map's locations.

Edraw software is a good tool to draw geo maps, meanwhile it provides a lot of template maps for areas like Africa, America, Europe, etc.

Geo Map Software

Geo Map Maker

Edraw has geo map shapes of all the continents and countries in the world. Simply drag and drop any shape you need, and customize the drawing through color, line and size setting. All the shapes are in vector format, allowing you to modify and redesign. The software is designed with an easy-to-use interface, which helps both experienced and new designers draw freely and effectively. The map can be exported to other graphic formats and printed with only one click.
Download Geo Map Software

Geo Map Symbols

Edraw geo map software provides you many geo maps of different kinds of places, e.g., Africa, Asia, America, South America, Europe, etc. You will find these shapes quite useful when drawing the geo maps.

Geo Map Symbols

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Geo Map Examples

market share world map

Many companies might need this kind of world map for world market share analysis. Click the picture to download and modify for your own use.

Click the picture to gain a larger size map and the download link. A great range of symbols and clip arts are available for you to make eye-catching world map for your presentation.

Create your own world air route map using this ready-made template. You can easily move the dots to any places to indicate the terminals.

From this template, you not only gain a vector world map, but also get customizable markers and beautiful list shapes. Click the picture to download the editable file.

China Growth Map

A map with a line chart show clearly the rapid economic development of China. Click the picture to see large version and download it.
Infographics about China

Tourist Attractions Map

As you can learn from the example, a geo map can be applied to demonstrate many kinds of information such as tourist attractions.
Top 10 Tourist Attractions of China

Internet Use Map

This is a well-designed geo map example about the Internet use in China.
Learn the Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Thinking Maps Collection

Maps about China

Geo Map Examples and Presentation Templates

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