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Posted by Janice | 01/22/2021
A professional Garden Design Software allows users to create garden designs from pre-made templates and export to PPT file in one click.

Easy-to-use Software to Create PPT Garden Design

Sometimes you may need to show a garden design in PowerPoint but have no idea how to get started. It's better to use a simple and powerful garden design tool to create professional garden designs and convert to PPT file. Plus, the converted garden design can also be edited in MS PowerPoint.

The software covers pre-made templates and symbols that makes build garden design fast on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Garden Design for PPT

Download Garden Design Software and Create Garden Design for PPT

How to Create Garden Design for PPT

Through the pre-defined smart garden design templates, you can complete a garden design with minimum time. Following is a simple guide:

  1. Open a garden design drawing page from the Floor Plan >Garden Design category, or select a pre-made template to get started.
  2. Before creating the design, simply hit "Page Layout" tab and click "Page Size" to set the drawing size you need.
  3. Drag garden design symbols and drop it on the drawing page. You can re-size, rotate, or move this symbols to place them in proper location. Also, you can change the symbols' color.
  4. Click Export & Send > PowerPoint on File tab to export the grade design to PPT format.

Customize Garden Design in PowerPoint

This software allows users to make a garden design by simple clicks, and export to PPT file seamlessly. That means the exported garden design will keep vector feature in the MS PowerPoint, and can be modified in the PPT. Users are allowed to edit text, recolor shape, and apply quick style in MS PowerPoint.

Customize Garden Design in PowerPoint

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