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Garden Design Workflow

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Posted by James Freeman | 11/15/2019
Communicate garden design workflow both internally and externally through a visual diagram. Convey your amazing garden design concept to the best in vivid floor plans.

Talking about garden design and construction, Edraw can benefit a lot of people involved, inclucing garden owner, designer and constructor. Firstly, take a look at the workflow of garden design.

Garden Design Workflow

About Garden Design Workflow

After receiving customer's appointment on telephone, the designer will go to measure garden field. He will take some photos, obtain soil samples and learn client's requirements for and usage of the garden, including who will spend time in the garden and when it is used and so on.

Based on the data gained on site, the designer will design construction plan initially, taking the garden location, climate, budget and maintenance demand into consideration. Then the initial plan is delivered to customer for review and modification. It is advisable to consider as many details as possible to reach customer's expectation to the largest extent.

When the plan is finalized, a complete colored floorplanisusuallyprovided.Toeasegardenconstructionprocess,detailedconstructiondrawingsarealsorequired.Thiscanmaximizetheconveyanceofdesigner's intention and minimize the explanation during construction process.

Besides professional design, mature technology and expert construction team are also necessary for desired garden construction. Below are some garden floor plans for reference. You can also try Edraw to design garden on your own, even without any drawing or design experience.

Front Garden Design Example

A front garden design template, well-formatted and visually appealing, is available for you anytime. Click the thumbnail to download it for your own use.

Garden Landscape Design Example

A nice landscape design template is available in vector format to benefit all users. Only drag and drop are required to create such marvelous plans.

Roof Garden Design Example

Have a look at this roof garden design template to improve your ideas of garden planning.

Discover why Edraw is an excellent program to create garden floor plan & garden design workflow diagram. Try it FREE.

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