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How to choose way of mapping a flowchart?

> Flowchart How-Tos > How to choose way of mapping a flowchart?
Posted by Allison Lynch | 11/01/2019
According to certain reasons of drawing flowchart, after choosing your flowchart type, you need to choose way of mapping it.

Your choice should be based on the following content:

Each specific issue will be discussed as follows:

Who are Involved in Mapping the Flowchart?

According to our experience, the task of drawing a flowchart usually needs people with different knowledge and experience. A team of 5 to 8 people will be ideal. However, after actual beginning of mapping, necessary knowledge weights more than assumed number of people. It's even more important that everyone can speak out freely in a team over 8 people. The best way to answer the question " who are involved in mapping the flowchart?" is to draw a Stakeholder Diagram.

How Do They Participate in Mapping?

Participants can organize a group meeting to draft the flowchart, maybe call in individuals or general meeting to discuss prepared drafts with each other. Sometimes drawing a simple flowchart alone and sending it to partners for proofreading works well. But by our experience of mapping flowchart, teamwork of drawing flowchart can bring obvious benefits.

How Long Does it Cost to Finish Mapping the Flowchart?

It depends on the complexity of the flowchart, your understanding of the process, and available resources etc. Then, two aspects will determine how long you will finish mapping the flowchart in a certain time. At last, it depends on whether the existing process is a new or an old one.

How Many Information Sources Are There?

You can build up a flowchart on the basis of various of information sources: documents, staff and observation etc. Relevant documents like quality control manual, job description, work procedure, work manual, production data, information exchange system and management system etc. can provide information for drawing flowchart, but they are not directly linked to actual mapping in the end. You must observe, interview and talk with important people privately as sampling experiment, so that documentary process can work effectively.

How Detailed Should the Flowchart Be?

It all depends on current condition. The most common mistake of people is focusing on too complicated details while ignoring the really important matter. We suggest that flowchart should be detailed enough for you to understand the process, it cannot be only superficial.

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