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Main Points in Flowcharting

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 11/26/2020
To design a good flowchart, the following matters need to attract enough attention.

(1) For a new process design, it's better to begin from planning the first major steps from the main subsystems.

(2) The process direction of flowcharting should be rendered on the page in descending order, from left to right consistency.

(3) It's necessary to use the generic, unified flowchart symbols within a certain range.

(4) The process flowchart should be as simple as possible and the text in the graphics must be brief and clear.

simple flowchart

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(5) Under normal circumstances, a process box should be a separate work or event.

(6) The structure of the flowchart should be complete. In addition to the form the graphics, the title, author, date, text, number of pages, revise number should be completely and accurately marked on.

(7) Pay attention to processing of the starting point and end point. It should be noted to prevent the start point from appearing too early or too late. Because this situation impedes attention and correct understanding of the key steps. It should also be noted to avoid the end point' too early or too late appearance, because the early appearance means throw away the key steps, and the late appearance means that the process appears redundant activities. Both cases are harmful.

(8) Avoid the appearance of the cross-flow line.

(9) Reduce the numbers of connecting line.

(10) Facilitate the reader as much as possible.

A good flowchart tool will save you lots of time. You needn't to take care of the drawing skills but only understand the whole process flowchart.

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