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Preparation for Drawing a Flowchart

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 11/26/2020
First step of drawing a flowchart: Why do you need to draw a flowchart?

Your first step of drawing a flowchart is: Why do you need to draw a flowchart? The core reason that you draw a flowchart and purpose of using it will affect how you plan and act the flowchart. Likewise, methods of drawing a flowchart will be entirely different depending on your plan of whether making an existing process or creating a new one.

Only after making clear your purposes of drawing a flowchart, then you can plan process of drawing a flowchart. The process must be clear enough to marking starting and end point as well as content in the process, which seems quite complicated cause most processes are mutually overlapped. To clarify the flowchart, we can take the process as a work unit, and define its boundary by marking input from supplier till output of customers.

A Few More Questions of Drawing a Flowchart

Furthermore, how many processes do you need to realize the above purpose?

What sequence do these processes follow? etc. No simple method can resolve these questions, however, we think that a basic precedence matrix can provide you some help. AKA: Core Success Factor (CSF) for the theory of connecting work processes with key work targets.

A Precedence Matrix

Here below is a simple precedence matrix. Add each influential CSF together, and write the total weight on the right unit table as evaluation of each process. The higher the total weight is, the more reason you have to improve that process, cause it will maximize the impact of CSF in the whole organization.

Precedence matrix

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