What’s the Best Software Teachers Should Have

What’s a great tool teachers should have? The answer is definitely Edraw graphic organizer!

Edraw Graphic Organizer - Best Software for Teachers

Nobody would deny that Edraw graphic organizer is a great tool for teachers because it has so many smart and handy features that other programs can not compare with. Following are part of its features.

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Below is one of the examples created by Edraw graphic organizer.

Hanger Main Idea Details

Functions of Graphic Organizer

Graphic organizer is a great tool for teachers which combines traditional note-taking with visuispatial benefits of diagrams to visualize and construct ideas, organize and sequence information, organize problems and solutions and help students to understand, digest and brainstorm better.

Types of Graphic Organizers

There are many type of graphic organizers, such as graphic organizers for writing, reading, vocabulary study and compare & contrast, main idea graphic organizers and venn digram graphic organizers. Click graphic organizers to see more types.

More Examples of Graphic Organizer

Here provides some of graphic organizer examples for your reference. All the examples are free to download, edit and print. Just download the ones you like and customize to fit to your own demands! Click graphic organizer examples to view more.

Below graphic organizer is usually used for solving math problems. It uses several simple graphs to help students understand the question quickly.

Venn Math Problem

This graphic organizer suits for Chinese and politics when answering essay question. Figure out the main ideas, then finding several details to supplement it.

Main Idea and Supporting Details

This is a great graphic organizer to help studetns to clear the history events about which one happened first, which one happened later, etc.

Sequencing Timeline

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