Best Floor Plan Software Architectural Engineers Should Have

When it comes to what’s a great tool teachers should have when creating floor plans, Edraw Floor Plan Maker comes to my mind immediately!

Easy Software to Create Floor Plans

When talking about what’s a great tool architectural engineers should have, you will have a hard time finding a better option than Edraw Floor Plan Maker. It is such a smart floor plan maker that it almost makes everything ready and users just need to click mouses to finish the rest. Below are part of handy features of it.

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Steps to Create Floor Plans

Step 1. Open a Blank Drawing Page.

Run the software, go to File menu > New, then click Floor Plan and double click Floor Plan in template to open a new drawing page.

Open Reflected Ceiling Plan Drawing page

Step 2. Set Drawing Scale

Go to Floor Plan menu and set the drawing scale according to your own need in the first option button.

Step 3. Add Symbols

Drag relevant floor plan symbols from the left libraries and drop them on the drawing page.

Drag and Drop Symbols

Step 4. Change the Theme

Just go to Page Layout and change the theme from built-in themes if you are not satisfied with the current one.

Connecting Symbols

Step 5. Save or Export your Floor Plan

Click Save on File tab to save the diagram as the default format .eddx or choose Save as on File tab to save as other formats. Save in local files or save in your Cloud depends on yourselve

save as

You can also hit Export & Send under File to export the floor plan as images, ppt , web documents and so on for more convenient sharing.

Export floor plan

You can get a professional floor plan with above 5 simple steps and below is the finished floor plan example. It’s no doubt that Edraw floor plan maker is a great tool teachers should have, isn’t it?

Color Floor Plan

More Examples Created by Edraw

Except for above floor plan, Edraw Floor Plan Maker is also powerful in creating Office Layout, Seating Plan, Garden Plan, Fire Emergency Layout, HVAC Plan,etc. Following are part of Edraw examples. Download it if for free to create a floor plan for your dream house! Click floor plan examples to learn more if any interest.

Office Building Layout Airplan Seating Plan Garden Plan

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