Payment Type - Fax Order

After submitting an order with Fax-Credit Card chosen as the payment method, the customer will receive immediate instructions for submitting their payment to us by fax.

Note: Orders paid by credit card via fax are subject to an additional $2.50 USD order processing fee.

In our online store, you can click the order now button to start.


Unlike credit card orders placed online, a customer will not receive the product immediately after they submit their order. We do not deliver the product or credit your account until payment is received from the customer in full.

Note: For orders that customers entered online in which they selected an offline payment method (Bank/Wire Transfer, Check/Money Order, Fax-Credit Card, Invoice, Open Invoice (European) and Purchase Order), the order will show the date that the customer entered the order online rather than the date that the order completed. To see the date that the order completed, please open the order and view the information listed in the History tab.

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