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Fault Tree for Reliability Analysis

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 07/13/2021
Fault tree diagram is a graphical technique used to analyze system reliability and related characteristics. Find editable fault tree diagram templates for reliability analysis.

Reliability Analysis

The term reliability used in industrial statistics denotes a function describing the probability of failure. Reliability analysis refers to the fact that a scale should consistently reflect the construct it is measuring. There are many tools can be used for reliability analysis, such as fault tree, probability plots, reliability block diagram, decision tree, event tree, Markov analysis, etc.

Fault Tree Diagram Introduction

Faulttreeanalysisisananalyticaltechniquefortracingtheeventswhichcouldcontributetofailureoraccident.Itfollowsatop-downstructureandrepresentsagraphicalmodelofthepathwayswithinasystem.It's an effective tool for doing reliability analysis.

Fault Tree for Reliability Analysis

Event Symbols

Event Symbols

1. Basic Event: Used as an input to a logic date. It represents failure or error in a system component or element.

2. Undeveloped Event: It means this event could have been expanded into a separate fault tree but was not.

3. Initiating Event: It's normally expected to occur (not of itself a fault)

4. Conditional Event: It refers to conditions that restrict or affect logic gates.

5. Intermediate Event: Intermediate event is used at the output of a gate.

Gate Symbols

Event Symbols

1. AND Gate: The output event occurs only if all input events occur.

2. OR Gate: The output event occurs if at least one of the input events occurs.

3. Inhibit Gate: The output occurs if the input occurs under an enabling condition specified by a conditioning event. It is an AND gate with an additional event.

4. Priority AND Gate: The output event occurs if all input events occur in a specific sequence.

5. Exclusive OR Gate: Intermediate event is used at the output of a gate.

Fault Tree Diagram Templates

To create a fault tree diagram, using ready-made templates can be a shortcut. The following fault tree diagram templates can be edited and exported to more formats like PDF, Word, PPT, etc.

Mine Shaft Fault Tree Quenching Burn Fault Tree Tank Explosion Fault Tree
Mine Shaft Fault Tree Quenching Burn Fault Tree Tank Explosion Fault Tree

Download a free trial and see first-hand how quickly and easily you can create effective great-looking fault tree diagrams.

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