How to Transfer Edraw Max to another Computer?

Refer to this page to learn how to transfer Edraw Max to another computer when you change computer.

One license code (if the license quantity is 1) can be used on 2 computers. When you change computer or reinstall the computer operating system, you need to deactivate your license from the old computer or system first, then activate it on the new one. Please be noted that Edraw Max V8.7 or above versions have added Deactivation button which allows users to deactivate a license and change computer on their own.

If you need to use Edraw Max on both the previous computer and the new computer, then deactivation is not needed. If you need to stop using Edraw Max on the previous computer, then deactivation is necessary.

How to Deactivate Edraw Max from a Computer:

  1. Go to Help tab, click Deactivate button in Activation group. The Deavtivate dialog will pop up.
  2. Deactivation button

  3. In the Deactivate dialog, read the texts carefully. Click Deactivate if you are sure that you need to deactivate Edraw Max from the current computer.

How to Activate Edraw Max:

After Edraw Max is deavtivated from the old computer, you need to install and activate the software on the new computer.

  1. Please make sure you are using the latest version of Edraw Max. If you don't have the version, you can download it from https://www.edrawsoft.com/download-edrawmax.php
  2. Go to the edraw install folder.
  3. Right click the edrawmax.exe. Choose the "Run As Administrator..." item in the right click menu. Then the software .
  4. Switch to the Help menu. Click the "Activate" button.
  5. Fill in your license name and license code in the Registration dialog and click Activate again.


Use this page http://www.edrawsoft.com/HowToRegister.php to learn how to activate your Edraw full version.

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