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Posted by Pemala Pfeiffer | 01/20/2021
Provide pictorial fact and opinion graphic organizers for visual learners to improve study while having fun. Get presentation quality templates and download for free.

These templates are great visual tools in helping students in distinguishing facts and opinions. Any file below could be downloaded with PDF or editable format. Choose the one you love most and save in your material package so that next time you can save lots of time from searching or drawing a new one.

Fact and Opinion Chart Templates

The above fact and opinion charts are all created by Edraw - a powerful yet easy vector drawing software. It includes hundreds of quality graphic organizers that you can always download and print.

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Graphic Organizer Software

Graphic Organizer Maker

With Edraw, you will experience the most effective way in making graphic organizers, not only because of its abundant ready-made templates for k-12 education, but also due to its powerful drawing ability - the drag-and-drop based drawing method. It supports various exporting formats, including PDF, PPT, Word, Html and many graphic formats to meet all your requirements.

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