5 Essential Diagrams Everyone Should Learn

Edraw diagramming software is an ideal choice for making essential diagrams that everyone should know how to draw. You do not even need the basic drawing skills, just drag-and-drop the premade shapes, then the diagram you want is finished in minutes.

Introduction to Essential Diagrams

Diagrams are featured by visualization that can boost data analysis and information communication. There are some essential diagrams that everybody should know how to draw since they are commonly used in many fields and will bring many benefits to people's daily life.

Even if you are really not good at drawing, you don't need to worry. Edraw helps you draw any kind of diagram with amazing ease quite quickly. This article will also offer you detailed guides about how to draw these basic diagrams.

1. Mind Map

A mind map is a graphical representation of ideas or topics in a radial, non-linear manner. Mind maps are used to visualize, organize, and classify ideas, making them perfect for study aids, organizing information, problem solving, writing and making decisions.

Better Sleep Mind Map Template

Edraw mind map maker is free software that can generate a mind map in less than 5 minutes. It is faster than any other applications since it supports auto generation and layout. See its advanced mind mapping tools right now.

See its benefits in daily life through this link. Learn how to draw mind map EXTREMELY EASILY. You can also get started as soon as possible from mind map templates.

  1. Try an easy-to-use mind map maker.
  2. See amazingly smart mind map symbols.
  3. Download elaborate mind map templates.
  4. Learn how to create mind map extremely easily.

2. Flow Chart

Flowcharts are maps or graphical representations of processes. Steps in a process are shown with symbolic shapes, and the flow of the process is indicated by arrows connecting the symbols.

Program Flowchart Template

This graphic organizer is also essential since you may encounter it in many occasions. From time to time, you will need to use it to present a process to others step by step in an understandable way that flowchart can offer.

You can also gain an automatic flowchart maker to replace Visio since it can work faster and produce more high quality flowcharts of any kind. Users of any abilities can handle it easily.

  1. Try an easy-to-use flowchart maker.
  2. See amazingly smart flowchart symbols.
  3. Download elaborate flowchart templates.
  4. Learn how to create flowchart extremely easily.

3. Pie Chart

A pie chart is a circle divided into sections to show the relative proportions of a set of things. This is a very popular tool to analyze proportional relationship and comparison. When you want to compare parts of a whole, pie chart is best to use. It plays a key role in presentation, business report, papers and so on.

Sales Pie Chart Template

Edraw's advantage about making pie chart mainly lies in its data import function and point-and-click editing.

Edit Pie Chart Template
  1. Try an easy-to-use pie chart maker.
  2. See amazingly smart pie chart symbols.
  3. Download elaborate pie chart templates.
  4. Learn how to create pie chart extremely easily.

4. Org Chart

An organization chart is a simple, graphical representation of the clerk in your company (or other organization) and the relationships between them. It can also be referred to as organigram or organizational chart. Organization structure determines enterprise communication, and the executive and managerial hierarchy, and offers a plan for efficient growth for the future.

Service Organizational Chart

Edraw's org chart solution is perfect for drawing such kind of diagrams. Its advanced org chart tools make the process quick and easy. For example, the auto relayout function allows modification at any time easily.

Relayout Organizational Chart
  1. Try an automatic org chart maker.
  2. See pre-made basic org chart symbols and photo organizational chart shapes.
  3. Download well-design org chart templates.
  4. Learn how to create org chart with amazing ease.

5. SWOT Analysis Diagram

SWOT analysis is a structured planning method used to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and to identify both the opportunities open to you and the threats you face.

Starbucks SWOT Template

This diagram is necessary for both individuals and enterprises. Finding out both the strong and weak points will enhance self-awareness and promote improvement. To gain visually attractive SWOT analysis diagrams, just rely on Edraw and rest assure.

  1. Try an automatic SWOT analysis diagrams maker.
  2. See pre-made SWOT analysis diagrams symbols.
  3. Download well-design SWOT analysis diagrams templates.

You can create more kinds of diagrams besides the above ones. For all of Edraw's templates, please visit here.

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