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Understand flowchart is necessary to improve a process

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Posted by James Freeman | 11/04/2019
Understanding flowchart is necessary to improve a process. The designer needs to understand the flowchart operation and flowchart symbols in detail.

Understand Flowcharts

Flowcharts are maps or graphical representations of a process.

There are many varieties of flowcharts and scores of symbols that you can use. Experience has shown that there are three main types that work for almost all situations:

  1. High-level flowcharts map only the major steps in a process giving a good overview.

    high-level flowcharts map

  2. Detailed flowcharts show a step-by-step mapping of all events and decisions in a process.

    step-by-step flowchart mapping

  3. Deployment flowcharts organize the flowchart by columns, with each column representing a person or department involved in a process.

    cross functional flowchart

The trouble spots in a process usually begin to appear as a team constructs a detailed flowchart.

When to Use Flowchart

  1. Use it when analyzing or defining a process to detail the actions and decisions within it.
  2. Use it when looking for potential problem points in a process flowchart.
  3. Use it when investigating the performance of a process, to help identify where and how it is best measured.
  4. Use it as a communication or training aid, to explain or agree the detail of the process.

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