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Emergency Evacuation Diagrams, Free Download Emergency Evacuation Diagram Software

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Posted by Janice | 04/26/2020
The perfect software to make emergency evacuation diagram. Applicable for users at any level including those even without any drawing skill or experience. Get a jump start with the abundant templates and examples.

Draw emergency evacuation diagrams easily with Edraw Max! No drawing skill is required.

Evacation Diagram

Emergency Evacuation Diagram Software

In order to stay calm in an emergency evacuation, it is necessary to make an emergency evacuation plan in advance. It helps people to get familiar with the house's lay out quickly and find out the shortest and fastest evacuation route. During an emergency, an evacuation diagram may save many people's life. Here is a fast and easy way to produce a clear and useful evacuation diagram - Edraw.

Edraw is equipped with many powerful functions, such as auto connection, grid lines and align shapes and so on. Accompanied with the 6000+ vector symbols and various templates, it is absolutely a second-to-none tool.

Emergency Evacation Diagram

Emergency Evacuation Diagram Symbols

All symbols offered are vector format, smart and editable. They greatly simplify the design process of evacuation diagram so that users just need to do some easy things such as drag, drop and connect shapes and click. Learn more about them in Fire and Emergency Plan Symbols.

Evacuation Diagram Symbols 2

Emergency Evacuation Diagram Example

Here is an example for your reference. You can also generate a diagrams like this instantly. Just let Edraw helps you. Click the image to download it. Transform it into other formats as you like. It supports seamless integration with MS programs.

Hospital Emergency Plan

How to Create Emergency Evacuation Diagram Instantly

If you have found the proper tool, you can yield twice the effect with half the effort. Follow the following simple steps to generate a professional fire evacuation diagram in Edraw. Even novice users can do it easily. Why still hesitate? Try Edraw right now.
1. Open the template on File menu in the Floor Plans category.
2. Drag and drop necessary shapes and lay out them properly. Connect them through the connection points.
3. Add suitable labels in the text boxes if necessary.
See more in make a fire and emergency plan.

Emergency Evacuation Tips

  1. Stay calm and don't be panic so that you can respond quickly.
  2. Shut all the doors but don't lock them. This way, the fire and smoke will spread more slowly.
  3. Open windows in your house to let fresh air in. If you the smoke is coming in through a window, close it immediately!
  4. Call 911 and inform them the emergency. Tell them your building's detailed address, including your apartment number and your name.
  5. Attach a white or pale bed sheet, large piece of clothing or towel near the windowsill so that it hangs out of the window. This is a way to show the firemen that you are still inside. Also keep a flashlight and wave it outside the window if it is night.
  6. when smoke is entering the apartment, get a towel or piece of cloth, wet it completely with cold water and cover your nose and mouth with it to avoid breathing in smoke. Lie down on the floor in an area that is far away from the fire or put your head near an open window to breath fresh air.

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