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Electrical CAD Software: Why Does Edraw Make Sense

> Edraw Diagram > Electrical CAD Software: Why Does Edraw Make Sense
Posted by James Freeman | 06/25/2021
Find out why Edraw is the easiest to use Electrical CAD Software on the market, and how it can make electrical, P&ID and PFD drawing even easier and faster than ever.

Easy Electrical CAD Software

An easy-to-use electrical CAD program offers you a quick way to get electrical drawings done. Edraw is exactly such electrical CAD software that even novices can use without learning curve. Most people can draw an electrical schematic in Edraw within 10 minutes at ease for its drag-and-drop symbols and powerful tools.

Electrical Diagram Software

Many electrical engineers all over the world rely on Edraw to get their circuits done quickly, accurately and efficiently. See why Edraw makes sense in the following part.

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Why Does Edraw Make Sense

1. Compatible with MS programs. Files can be exported into various formats including PDF, docx and pptx.

2. As easy as pie. The Intuitive interface is similar with MS Word. Familiar to anyone already using Microsoft Office.

3. As fast as lighting. Supports drag-and-drop use and point-and-click editing. Complete electrical schematics more than 300% faster. Just place electrical symbols into the canvas and attach the wires.

4. Free ready-to-use templates for quick start. Well-formatted templates reduce a lot time and effort in designing electrical drawings.

6. Free trial before purchase. No registration, no forms to fill no gimmicks and no strings attached.

5. Service and support is everything. Emails are replied within 24 hours by the technicians themselves, no outsourcing, no auto responders and more importantly, no excuses. Free lifelong update is available, too.

Example of a Basic Electrical Diagram

The following electrical engineering diagram is created by Edraw electrical CAD software. You can drag the built-in electrical symbols then connect them without a hitch.

basic electrical diagram


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Get Started! You Will Love This Easy-To-Use Diagram Software

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