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Posted by James Freeman | 04/16/2021
Provide a wide variety of educational resources such as courseware examples, maps, visualized presentation templates, plenty of built-in shapes and various well-designed diagrams. Free download. Beneficial for all.

Here are tons of useful educational resources that will benefit students, teachers and even parents. We have the most comprehensive visual sources for education on the Web, including visualization tools, science illustrations, clipart and more.

Visual diagrams are one of the most intuitive ways to present knowledge and make it instantly comprehensible, especially for visual learners. With myriads of diagram solutions, templates and hundreds of thousands of built-in shapes, it facilitates education greatly.

Education Visualization Software

Edraw is a comprehensive visualization software that can serve as courseware, presentation, homework, and test paper design software.

Courseware Design Software - Create courseware with minimum time and maximum effect! Edraw Courseware Design Software lets you quickly create Courseware that is inspiring and interesting. It supports multi-page documents, allowing to create very complex and detailed charts, connected with hyperlinks.

Courseware Examples

Use them to create Courseware, visualize science topics and boost knowledge inquiry, etc.

Various Diagram Templates

Diagram Templates - We offer you a number of ready-made diagram templates including worksheets, flashcards and pictorial tables which you can use in your design. There are also specialized mind maps for teachers and some simple charts for teachers.

Blank PPT Templates - Choose from a large collection of presentation templates, fill in your own contents and add charm to your slides.

Built-in Science Illustrations

An assortment of science illustration covering many subjects, including physics, chemistry, math, biology and astronomy. They are editable, shareable and flexible. You can enlarge the shape freely and they still remain clear since they are vector HD images. Click on the relevant picture to link more information.

Education Resources - Mechanics Shapes

Physical Mechanics Symbols

Education Resources - Optics Shapes

Optics Software Symbols

Education Resources - Chemistry Symbols

Chemistry Equation Symbols

Education Resources - Biology Symbols

Biology Symbols

Education Resources - Astronomy Symbols

Astronomy Illustration

You can easily adjust these shapes through the floating buttons of control dots extremely easily.

Geo Maps for Education

Geo maps of all countries in the world. Easily resize, recolor or rotate these map shapes according to your need.

Geo Map

Geo Map Application Examples

World  Data Map World Population Map China Growth Map
World Data Map
World Population Map
China Growth Map

Vivid Clipart

Lifelike Clipart Pictures - Use clipart pictures to make courseware more vivid and interesting. Edraw offers myriads of clipart images in vector format ranging from animal to school objects, and people and so forth.

Free Clipart for Education

In the new version which will be released soon, a group of specialized education clip art. They will surely be helpful resources for you to design more flamboyant educational graphics. Have a preview of it now.

Education Clipart

Free Download Education Visualization Software and View All Resources

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