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E-document Approval Workflow

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Posted by James Freeman | 10/31/2019
Use a unbeatable automatic diagram software to diagram e-document approval process vividly. Make a workflow diagram like no other quickly.

Overview of Document Approval

As a manager, you may be bored about the piles of papers you have to review and approve. As a clerk, you may get bored about waiting your leader to approve your application forms. Why not apply a secure e-document approval and workflow system to get out these troubles and simplify document approval process? See how it works below.

Edocument Approval Workflow

E-document Approval Workflow

As you can learn from the workflow diagram, the internet-based system eliminates the necessity of face-to-face meeting, enabling document upload and approval anytime and anywhere. Besides location obstacle, it also removes the obstacle of piling up of files. Typically there is a document owner who creates and uploads a document and identifies who needs to approve the document and in which order. The document management system then conducts the workflow notifying each user that they need to approve the document and tracking the document through to completion. To diagram this process vividly, use an automatic diagram software.

Automatic Workflow Diagram Maker

Nothing can beat an automatic diagram maker which embeds 6000+ vector shapes, auto generation function and numerous templates and examples. With it, most people can make a professional-looking and creative diagram like no other in the fastest way. Since the user interface is quite similar with MS programs and no drawing experience is required. Check it out below.

Workflow diagram creator

Our workflow diagram maker is seamlessly compatible with PowerPoint program. 1 click exports the file into PowerPoint format. Check out some PowerPoint workflow diagrams by clicking here.

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