Easy Flowchart Software to Benefit Process

Flowchart is generally a visualized mapping of procedures and trends in a process. It can explain things in a simple and straightforward way.

Edraw is an easy flowchart software which can explain things in a simple and straightforward way. It can share together all steps, core and leading results of a working process, and make existing workflow more efficient.

Easy flowchart software

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What Flowcharts Are Suitable For Certain Occasions

For basically understanding steps of a workflow: Basic Flowchart, Work Flow Diagram

For training materials preparation: Basic Flowchart, Cross Functional flowchart

For knowledge to be improved: Highlight Flowchart, Cross Functional flowchart

For cost-analyzing in a workflow: Data Flow Diagram

For Time and detailed issues analyzing in a workflow: List and process, Business Process Modeling Notation

Read more on Flowchart Main Types.

How to Draw Outstanding Flowcharts:

First you need to learn about flowchart, what's the basic elements and how it works. Recommended article: Six Major Flowchart Elements.

To know what's a flowchart, click Flowchart Definition.

To have a general understanding of flowchart from easy examples, please click How to Make Effective Flowchart Easily.

To help you start with flowchart quickly, we also prepared a Flowchart PPT Guide. It's more visual and vivid to read.

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