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Vector Easter Card Symbols, Free Download

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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 11/26/2020
Free pre-drawn Easter card symbols that are high quality, easy to use and highly scalable. Just drag and drop Halloween card symbols to make your creative Easter card. You can also use these shapes to enrich your diagrams, cards, books, presentation and business reports etc.

Perfect vector-based Easter card symbols, free, editable and printable!

Free Download Edraw Software and View All Shapes

Easter Card Symbols

We will add a group of Easter symbols in our new version. The Easter card symbols library includes specialized Easter card symbols such as Easter egg, Rabbit and Meat. They are vector format and can be zoomed in and out while keeping high resolution. Users can save a lot of time without the need to draw. They are all ready-to-use and can be recolored, rotated and resized easily.

Easter Card Symbols

How to Use Easter Card Symbols

Click Fine tab. -> Select Card Type. -> Choose Card. -> Double click Easter. -> Drag necessary shapes and drop them on the canvas. -> Drag the square handles to resize shapes and drag the round handles to rotate them.

Note: the subshape can also be edited after it is selected. The first click selects the whole shape and show green handles. After a few seconds, the second click on a subshape select this subshape and shows blue handles.

Use Easter SymbolsEdit Subshape

You can group or ungroup the shape if you want to use the subshapes. Go to Home tab and click Group button.

Ungroup Easter Shapes    Group Easter Crd Shapes

Apply Easter Card Symbols in Easter Card and Other Documents

The Easter symbols can be applied in many occasions. Edraw is an amazingly easy tool for you to apply these cliparts when making other design projects such as Easter cards, posters and so forth.

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