DsoFramer Enhancement - Better Choice to Embed Office

Better choice to embed ms office, support read only, automation. Fixed lot's bugs and have better support.

Edraw has fixed lots of bugs and has better support.

open two excel

Click Here to Download Office Viewer Component - Support to open Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Project

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DSOFramer Control is provided by Microsoft to demonstrate how to host Office documents in VB or HTML. As a COM component, it can also be invoked inside .net applications. Unfortunately, MS does NOT guarantee any support as it is provided as an example only. The component has lots of strange problems and is difficult for users to solve. All these will take lots of time on overtime.

Edraw Office Viewer Component is a commercial development component for the MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and MS Project. It's more stable and safer.

Embed MS Excel in VB 6 and Do the Excel Automation

Embed MS Office in ASP.NET Program

Embedding MS Project

Embedding Visio

Embedded MS PowerPoint

Disables MS Word Standard Command

Disable Office Ribbon Button

Show/Hide Office Menu Bar

Get Started! Make your application display and interact with MS Office. Try Office Viewer Component