Draw Workflow Diagrams
in the Fastest Way with 3D Shapes

Draw a really visualized workflow diagram in less than 5 minutes. Use smart 3D shapes to automate the drawing process and gain professional results easily.

How long do you think is required to draw a workflow diagram? What is the fastest way to draw a really visualized workflow? Actually, less than five minutes are needed if you use Edraw's predefined 3D shapes. Most importantly, you don't need to draw shapes. You don't need to make connecting lines. And you can align shapes at one click. That is why Edraw can save you tons of time.

3D workflow Diagram Example

Firstly, see how amazing the 3D workflow diagram is.

Business Workflow Diagram

Then see how fast it is to draw a workflow diagram in Edraw. Only 4 steps needed.

Steps to Draw a Workflow Diagram

Step 1 Open Workflow Symbol Libraries

On the File menu, point to New, point to Flowchart and double click the icon of Workflow Diagram template. A new drawing page will open along with the necessary libraries.

Work flow diagram

Step 2 Drag and Drop Shapes

Go to the library pane to the left of the canvas. From Workflow Objects / Steps, drag suitable shapes onto the canvas. Double click each shape to insert its name or description. To find a certain shape quickly, enter its name in the search box and then press the green search button.

Step 3 Connect Workflow Shapes

Use arrow shapes/arrow connectors to connect the shapes. The arrow connectors are grouped in the General category. To use them do the followings. Click Libraries. -> Scroll down to choose General. -> Click Arrow Connectors.

Open Library

They have connections points, one at the arrow head and one at the arrow end. When you move the arrow connector to other shapes, the connection point turns red when it is over another connection point. Use Flip function on Home Menu to change the arrow direction quickly.

Connect Shapes

Rotate & Flip

Step 4 Align Shapes

If you want to align some shapes vertically to the center, select them and then choose to align them by the middle on Home menu. If you want to align shapes horizontally, choose the align method on the bottom line. Please refer to Fine Tune Workflow Diagrams for detailed guide about final touches.

Align Shapes

Standard Built-in 3D Workflow Symbols

All workflow shapes are 3D shapes with connection points and text box. When two shapes are located nearly, you can click the floating action button to generate connectors automatically. Refer to Workflow Chart Symbols and Their Usage page to have a general knowledge about the symbols.

Workflow Diagram Symbols

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