Make an Area Chart Step by Step

If you are looking for a shortcut to make area charts, your choice to visit this website is definitely beneficial. With our smart shapes you can get a jump start and achieve professional-looking results in only a few steps.

Make an Area Chart Step by Step

An area chart is a helpful aid to see the trend of one or more series, with a set of points linked by a line. The areas below the lines are filled in with different colors, distinguishing different series. In addition to the trend, comparison between different series according to category is also displayed more visually and clearly. A shortcut to create area charts is presented in this article to help you get a jump start.

Video Tutorial - Create an Area Chart

Basic Area Chart Knowledge

Firstly, Open the Built-in Area Chart Stencil

After you start Edraw area chart software, click Chart template category. Double click the area chart icon (it looks like a miniature area chart) to open a blank drawing page and the Line and Area library. (Alternatively, you can also use the example we provide by double clicking it. In this way you can save tons of time with many hassles eliminated.)


Secondly, Drag an Area Chart Shape onto the Canvas and Enter Data

Follow these two steps.

  1. Double click the text block of series and categories to change their names.
  2. Double click the data to type in your own data. The position of line points change automatically according to the data alteration.

Another way to modify data is importing data from files. We have embedded the example data in the first shape of Line and Area library, named as How to Use Line/Area/Scatter. So you just need to do some simple operations.

  1. Drag this shape onto the page. Copy the sample text to a new text document and then save it.
  2. Click Load Data from File -> locate the document created before -> double click on the document icon.

Load Data

Thirdly, Modify Appearance

Change Color

  1. Double click the target shape of series in the legend. Four small boxes show around the shape after it is selected.
  2. Click on the color you like in the color bar or the theme color palette.

Insert Background

By default, the Background opens along with the Line and Area library. If you have closed it, you can reopen it under the Libraries, in the General group. Choose your preferable background and drag it directly to the drawing page.

Insert Background

To configure more area chart appearance, open the Shape Data dialogue box. In the floating button menu, scroll down to Appearance Options and hit on it. You can change the data format and precision, unit set and label orientation here.

area chart Data

Create an Area Chart from Templates

Here are some elabirately designed area chart templates which are perfectly formatted, and colored. To download these area templates, simply click on the thumbnail pictures.

Area Chart Step Area XY Chart
Area Chart Step Area XY Chart

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